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hey hey y'all [21 Oct 2009|10:06pm]
I made a new journal for posting drawings. There are two of them there right now! Drawings that I made! Hand-drawn, fresh and new!


Check it out!! I'm gonna try and post EVERY DAY for a while! Hopefully it won't suck!

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To Alyssa [23 Jul 2009|08:29am]
Happy birthday, sis :O

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Wheeee [12 Feb 2009|08:03am]
[ mood | doop doop ]

I am doing this because NATE WILHOLT did it first and I saw it.

I know, I know, this is big news. I only post when three or more consecutive planets are in alignment, so here we go. I am dedicating this to Saturn, Jupiter, and... the planet after Jupiter. I am obviously making this all up. Derp durf!

the first letter of your name...

1. What is your name: Brndn
2. A four Letter Word: Butt (hee hee)
3. A boy's Name: Benoit
4. A girl's Name: Beatrice
5. An occupation: Bowler
6. A color: Brown
7. Something you wear: Bowler
8. A food: Butter?
9. Something found in the bathroom: ...Barf? It is better than finding it in a different room, I guess.
10. A place: BRAZIL
11. A reason for being late: Bit by a tiger/tarantula/zombie/velociraptor.
12. Something you shout: BOOYAH
13. A movie title: BRAZIL
14. Something you drink: Black tea
15. A musical group: The Bird and the Bee
16. An animal: Birds and/or Beeeeeeeeees
17. A street name: Broadway
18. A type of car: Bronco? Is that a type of SUV or truck or something? I think Ford made a Bronco.
19. Something scary: Break-ins
20. Ice Cream Flavor: Brownie Chunk flavor? I dunno. There is probably a brownie chunk ice cream out there.

SO ANYWAY there you go there is some information about me and my life. Take it and care about it.

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Comics [15 Sep 2008|07:54am]
So lately I've been looking more and more into webcomics. The wave of the future!

Just kidding. I've been reading them forever, but I never really know how to go about finding new good ones. What I have been trying is going to various webcomic community sites, but those are hardly exhaustive. They also contain really amateur crap. Not that people have to be awesome in order to publish anything, especially on the internet. But I'm looking for stuff to learn from! Some fox-person talking about their lolrandom thoughts on goth culture isn't interesting to me. Sorry, internet.

SO if you have any suggestions post them here! Or if you want me to link you to some of the good stuff I've found I would love to! I will do it right now! I think these are my favorite right now. But as you can see I am very out of touch with the internet comic scene. Sigh!





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hurf DURF [04 Jun 2008|06:55pm]
Suddenly, a livejournal update. I forgot I could make these.

So... uhh... things that have happened in my life/status update.

I'm single, I have no job (I probably will TOMORROW though), and I am bored. I might live on a boat with my grandpa later this year. Or else I might move across the country. I want to go to college at some point to go into music recording/production.

That is about it.

I don't remember who reads this.

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[21 Mar 2008|12:16pm]
So I've been thinking a lot. About big, important, life changing things. And lately it's been fun, and at times I'll just be sitting there, when suddenly, I'll just be hit with this intense feeling of extreme hope. My dreams have been pretty fucked up, too. I don't know what it all means, but I think I need to do something different with my life.

Also, I got a call from an area code in Colorado this morning. Who do I know there?

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[22 Sep 2007|09:21pm]
We got an apartment!

We're moving in on the 6th.

And that is all.

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:O [09 Sep 2007|10:46pm]
'Sup, /lj/,

Just takin' a little bit of your time to tell you about my life. Here are a few things:

I am working a fucking ass-ton of hours! It's a new system of measurement, in which one ass-ton means going on three weeks straight of overtime, with no foreseeable end in sight (until they hire some new people). So, basically, I get two days a week off, and work 10 hours per day on the 5 days left over. Or, like this current week, I only get one day off. If you work more than that, I salute you. And I'm sure you know it sucks.

Things with the apartment are O.K., but some shit still needs to happen before we can start moving everything. We need a cosigner, and we need BRAD and/or CURT to talk to BECKY about getting a 2 bedroom place. I'm busy until thursday. Potentially I'd like to have things figured out before that. But who knows.

I need to figure out how to make cool shit happen with my synthesizer. I think I should take a piano class or something. I have no idea. Does anyone have the hookup to some badass synth pro? Speacking of which... there's a POLYSICS concert in detroit this winter. Maybe december? I dunno. But I'm gonna go. And it'll be stupid-sick poppin-fresh mad-ill dope-shit.

Anyway. I think that should keep you a little bit up to date.

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Superbad, and shit [17 Aug 2007|11:46pm]
I saw Superbad today. It was awesome. It was a whole lot more ridiculous, profane, and completely terrible than I had expected, which was fun. Really over the top. Derek went along, so I feel sort of weird about that. But I figure when I was 17 I would've thought the movie was funny, and would've liked going. So why not? Mike Cera was awesome, of course. His humor will never get old to me, I think. He always seems basically the same, and it's always awesome. Also, Clark, from Clark and Michael, was in it. Only briefly, and I don't think he even talked. But it was cool.

Anyway. I've been feeling really crappy about so much stuff lately. Mostly nothing at all, but it's still feeling crappy. And that's just no good. I won't go into detail, though.

Brad and Pat and I are looking at apartments. I'll let you know if and when anything actually happens.

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[12 Aug 2007|12:37am]
[ mood | it's getting late. ]

Hey, guys.

My birthday is coming up. Only two days. One, really, sort of. Anyway. I'm not gonna ask anyone to get me anything, 'cause that would be dumb. I don't really know what I want, anyway. What I really want is to live on my own and play my synthesizer all the time... and I already bought my synth, and moving out isn't really something that anyone can give as a gift. So, really, I don't want anything, except probably money.

I found out today that the one class that I wanted to take this fall was full and unavailable, because I never realized that you had to pay by August 8, which was a few days ago. It's entirely my fault, but it still really sucks. Or at least I'm unhappy about it.

Does anyone know of some good comic book series? I'm up for suggestions. Preferrably not manga, unless it's really amazing or something. I'm getting sick of it, though!

Annnd that's all. In general I felt pretty shitty today, but that's probably just 'cause I'm so tired. Mrrf.

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Look what I made. [22 Jul 2007|06:45pm]


And here he is talking to an owl-cookie jar:

I'll have to take some more pictures, eventually.


[08 Jul 2007|10:01pm]
Heyyyyyy been a long time since I posted anything, but get this stupid shit:


I got it back, earlier today, and was at least relieved that I didn't have to buy a new phone altogether. BUT. Whoever the stupid fucker is that took it deleted ALL my photos, my standard ringtones, and my GOD DAMN TETRIS. I paid 5 bucks for that! Who doesn't want Tetris on their phone, anyway?!

And on top of that, he downloaded 12 ringtones. Which were total shit, by the way. All retarded thug rap, which, I know, is funny and silly and you listen to it ironically and whatever, that's great, but when it's gonna cost you like 30 damn bucks, it's not funny, or cool, at all. So fuck that kid.


That's all. I'm fucking pissed off! Sorry for swearing so much.


Clark and Michael [28 May 2007|04:05pm]
Hello, lj friends. I'm just posting to shamelessly promote Clark and Michael, an awesome comedy starring Clark Duke and Mike Cera. You may know Mike from Arrested Development, as George Michael. And he looks frighteningly like my brother Derek.

It's really funny. You'll appreciate me telling you to watch it, if you haven't already watched it yourself. And as a kicker, Eric Wareheim of Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job is actually in the show! It's just amazing!

So check it out!


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Blurf [27 Apr 2007|04:26am]
So here's a comic I made. It has no relevance to anything, (for those of you who think it might, for whatever reason), but it was more just a warm-up to how I might go about drawing a comic pretty soon. As you can see, I'm shitty right now, but that's why it's my first attempt.

So... here it is. Tell me what you think or don't.
Read more...Collapse )


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[04 Apr 2007|05:55pm]
So I went to this Ben Folds concert last night. It was pretty awesome. I was sick as a dog all day, as I have been the past two weeks, but it didn't do much to lessen the intensity of the show. Nate was along, and that was fun. It was weird though, 'cause I really haven't listened to Ben in a while now. So it was kind of a throw back to the olden days, of maybe a year or two ago. Especially when he covered Such Great Heights. Crazy stuff. But it was a pretty interesting show. A lot of improvised shit and on-the-spot antics. A guy from the audience came up and played harmonica. The piano broke at one point. Ben had a synth keyboard and played some cool stuff on that. It was fun.

And then we went to Denny's, and that was... you know. Denny's. And then we played Wii with smuj for a while, before going home. It was an exciting night, and I really learned a lot about myself and other things. In conclusion, always remember to brush and floss regularly. I'm glad I do.

And that's what I did on my summer vacation.

I'm going to go back to sleep.

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[31 Mar 2007|04:21pm]
Here is a thing that I got from Gini, who got it from Nate. (It's a meme, of sorts).

Some songs. These are brought to you today by the letter J. And the number 10.

Julia - The Beatles
Jungle Boogie - Kool & The Gang
Jet Pilot - System of a Down
Jesus Ranch - Tenacious D
July, July! - The Decemberists
Jeremy - Pearl Jam
Jesus, Etc. - Wilco
Jugband Blues - Pink Floyd
Juicebox - The Strokes
Jump - Van Halen

Woo woo. Comment on this entry and I'll give you a letter too :O

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[28 Mar 2007|10:06pm]
So last night I went to a punk concert at the Intersection. It was sort of cool, sort of lame. The first band was just getting started, and were obviously nervous and amateur. It was boring to watch, but cooler to imagine what they're probably feeling. I saw the guitarist in the crowd later and talked to him, he said it was his second show ever. That was pretty sweet, I'll bet he was totally pumped. And he himself was pretty sweet, he did all this Jimi Hendrix crap like playing with his teeth and playing behind his head and stuff.

The second band just seemed to take themselves too seriously. They were dumb, and the main guy reminded me of an idiot that I have the misfortune of knowing. I'm not gonna name names, but his face just looked the same when he was staring aimlessly into the crowd. Loser. Also he was way too emo/hipster looking for me. Had that weird converse star thing tattooed on his forearm and stuff. Totally retarded.

The third band was a Canadian hardcore metal punk band called Cancer Bats. I guess some people thought they were retarded, or not cool, or whatever, but I talked to the lead guy from that group, his name is Liam, and he's a pretty likable guy. He was working the merch stand after the show. They were pretty kick ass, in a weird way. I like metal and I like punk, and they had a lot more actual rhythm and melody than the first two bands. So they were good in my book, and their album sounds way cool too, if you're into fucked up thrash metal. A lot of spitting all over the place and running around and being freaks on stage though. It was pretty crazy.

And the last band was Billy Talent, and they're sweet. I heard a lot of crap about them sucking live, but I don't really see how that could've been inferred, at least with my experience. Maybe they used to be not so good, but everything sounded like what I was expecting to hear. So they must be getting better. I went moshing and had a go at all that shit. Punched some kids. Got all sweaty and got to the front of the crowd and got pushed around and fell over a few times. It was a time. The Ben Folds concert this coming Wednesday with Nate will undoubtedly be a lot more mellow. Should be awesome, though. And then Dragonforce on Friday is going to be ridiculous.

So, yeah. Concerts, guys! Woo!

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[25 Dec 2006|07:09pm]
'sup /lj/

The christmas season is a pretty crazy one, what with all the family, stress, crowds of droning idiots, financial instability, and mostly shitty weather. But I'm here to tell you about the real meaning of Christmas. It's a little gift that he gave a long time ago, to help all of us get through the rough times we're all dealing with. And this present wasn't in a box. It was a young Jewish boy, born to humble, average parents just like you and me.

Of course, I am talking about none other than this guyCollapse )

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- - - [30 Nov 2006|03:07am]
He comes; a twisting, paradoxical embodiment of musical insanity. He comes with blessing and damnation, judgement and retribution, soaring on the wings of a demon and an angel, with a cape made of fire dripping ram's blood, and a Gibson Flying V, made of the wood from Jesus' cross. He comes; the one who is infinite and omnipresent; he is the voice in the shadows consuming souls and murdering infants; he is the shriek of hot light, searing through the sky at mach ten million, letting loose shockwaves of power chords and desolation in D Minor.

He is the ancient elder of the sacred realm of music that no mortal can master.

He is the writer of the song to end the cosmos.

He is the greatest.

He is immortal.

He is the Angel of RockCollapse )

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[18 Nov 2006|11:50am]
Hey guys!!!!! :)

Let me tell you about something that I am super excited about. The "Independent Bank and GR Jaycees Santa Parade!!!!!!!!!!"

Today, I went downtown to give Curt his wallet, which he needed. And while I was down there, I found out that Grand Rapids doesn't want anyone driving anywhere near the middle of the city. In fact, the Pearl Street exit is entirely useless, unless you are going to the parade, the museum, or... back onto the highway again. Isn't that great?

So I looked it up, and, apparently, some random fucking day in November is the PERFECT time to all dress up as motherfucking SANTA and run around in a sea of children, blocking off major roads and intersections. I am just telling you all why I am so pumped. I'm so glad they closed off every street with pavement for this.

I'm going to fucking kill everyone someday. You hear that? Especially the guy who had "Democrat or Republican - a Christian votes Pro-Life." Because... as we all know, fuck pro-life. I am pro-abortion, and proud of it. If you haven't heard my policy, clue in. Every mother needs 2 abortions. Per pregnancy. No questions asked. An express judicial command should be obtained in order to not require the two (2) professionally attempted abortions, which will be henceforth paid for by the state. With all the money that has been saved by eliminating schools. Also, we won't have bullshit parades, celebrating the wrong holiday needlessly so that the kids of today feel empowered to continue the bullshit of tomorrow. That's the part I'm most excited about.

Did I tell you I've had 4 hours of sleep and 20 hours of work, all within the past two days? Hurrah! I'd better get some sleep before I work again tonight!!!!!!! So that I won't be tired for church!!!!!!!! :) It's J.A.M. time!! (Jesus and Me!! :)

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